Clinical Medicine in Optometric Practice

This updated new edition is a practical guide to the evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment of systemic disorders as they relate to primary eye care. It incorporates a multidisciplinary approach, from the underlying pathophysiological mechanisms, to testing and diagnosis methods, to medical and surgical management. Clinical Medicine in Optometric Practice, 2nd Edition provides the reader with the information needed to make informed decisions about patient management, such as identifying symptoms and their related disorders, and knowing when to refer patients to a medical specialist.

Shows how the wide range of medical conditions and their therapeutic strategies impact the delivery of eye care.
Familiarizes the reader with the conditions that are encountered in practice, those that may present with ocular manifestations, and those that have significant importance to medicine in general.
Organized in a practical, easily accessible format.
Uses case presentations to demonstrate clinical test interpretation, differential diagnosis, treatment, and the development of a prognosis.

Reflects the most current technologies in examination and testing.
Features all-new illustrations in full color, illustrating systemic disorders, the physical exam, videotaping, dermatological conditions, and much more.
Includes a new chapter on vascular disease, especially important since optometrists are sometimes the first to notice these types of changes.
Contains new information on cardiovascular disease and carotid disease, including the effects that stroke may have on the patient.

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